一眼沦陷的宝藏文案 唯美文艺气息的文案


一眼沦陷的宝藏文案 唯美文艺气息的文案


People who appear in dreams should go to see him immediately when they wake up


Ordinary you deserve to be spoiled as much as possible.


See deer when the forest is deep, whale when the sea falls, and you when you wake up.


Awake, gentle, advance and retreat, strive for progress and be excellent


Don’t be afraid that the road is long and the dream is far away. There is always a milky way shining


Life lasts forever, and vegetation lasts for an autumn


No one asked me that porridge was warm, and no one made dusk with me


Borrowing a little clean sunshine makes my heart beat


Luck is the fruit, preparation is the cause, and everything has cause and effect

10、与其苟延残喘 不如从容燃烧

It is better to burn calmly than to linger


Self-discipline and hard work, don’t make life too comfortable

12、你就是我的山河 ,烫了我的心

You are my mountain river, which burns my heart


Stepping on the road spread by shining stars, I strut


Slowly and long, long and brilliant

15、日落尤其温柔, 人间皆是浪漫

Sunset is especially gentle and romantic in the world


The shining stars will also regard the children in the corner as redemption


Set yourself up as a sail to attract the wind


I can be devastated. I want to be a blockbuster


Everything is on the way, just be ready at all times


Where you are, the weather is clear and everything is lovel


People who don’t trust you, no amount of explanation is redundant


The weak crown is the best, the hoof is light and the horse is fast, and the flowers at the end of the world are seen


Life is like a play, so it is better to face it with a better attitude


Go to the twilight, fall into the twilight, and indulge with Xinghui for you


Live the present, just fight, don’t be afraid


Everything is beautiful in heart, and everything is deep in love

27、真的很羡慕鱼,没有温度也没有心跳,只有七秒钟的记忆,也没有感情 无忧无虑,连眼泪都有大海遮掩

I really envy fish, no temperature, no heartbeat, only seven seconds of memory, no feelings and no worries, even tears are covered by the sea

28、夏天有晚来迟暮的霞光 正如晚来的你皆是笑意

In summer, there is a late glow, just as you are smiling when you come late.


It is only when you are with a kindred spirit that you are happy.

30、吃饱饱的 安心睡觉 祝你也祝我

Sleep with peace of mind when you have enough to eat. Wish you wish me, too


Go and blow the summer evening breeze, maybe you will meet romance


Go and blow the summer evening breeze, maybe you will meet romance

33、总有一天 我们不用再说再见 只需道句晚安.

One day we don’t have to say goodbye, just say good night.


Likes probably is, when we looked at each other, when you turned and left, I stared at your back for a long time.

35、又是一年冬天 好久不见 别来无恙

It’s another winter. Long time no see. Good day


How can you make a drowned person like the sea?

37、近城远山 都是人间。

Near the city and far away from the mountains are human beings

38、你看这白云聚了又散 散了又聚 人生离合 亦复如斯。

You see, the white clouds gather and disperse, gather and get together, and life is like this.

39、这是一个都要收费的年代 我们稍不努力 有可能连情杯都买不起。

This is an age when everyone has to charge. If we don’t work hard, we may not even be able to buy a love cup

40、你怕不怕这一辈子 就这样平庸度过。

Are you afraid to spend your life like this


The road in the distance is bumpy, and the wine in the tavern is not cheap. I don’t allow anyone to be included in my life. I just want to earn enough money to realize my journey.


Some people still have to meet before they can let go of their obsession


Rolling in the world of mortals, people have popularity, things have things, fate comes and goes, fate is exhausted.

44、我只会越来越好 但我祝你永远生活在肮脏的泥潭里。

I will only get better and better, but I wish you will live in a dirty mire forever.

45、鹿踏雾而来 鲸随浪而泳。

Deer come through the fog and whales swim with the waves


The deepest night is the best way to look back.


People have old faults and thousands of diseases. Acacia is the only cure.


Don’t be hard on yourself, just live like yourself


Clear love, direct hate, sincere love

50、不要老是垂头丧气的 要笑 笑起来 才有好运啊。

Don’t always be depressed. You have to smile to get lucky.

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